Prof. Charles Ruranga

Prof. Charles Ruranga is a Professor at University of Rwanda, College of Business and Economics, Department of Applied Statistics.


2017: PhD in Statistics (Econometrics), Makerere University, Uganda

2007: MSc in Economics with two specializations: Econometrics and international economics and finance, University of Montreal, Canada

2001: BSc in Economics, National University of Rwanda, Rwanda

Current Position: Director of African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS) & Lecturer in Department of Applied Statistics, College of Business and Economics, University of Rwanda

I completed Bsc in Economics in 2001 and since November 2002 I have been recruited as Assistant Lecturer at National University of Rwanda. I have experience of over 15 years in Research, administration, Consultancy and Academia fields. I have been involved in teaching, research, consultancies and management.


Modules/courses taught at university are Econometrics I and II, Policy Analysis, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Statistical software, Advanced Econometrics.


Publications are available on: or

  • Ruranga, C., Mugenzi, M. and Mutabazi, A. (2018). Spatial price transmission analysis in beans and rice markets of Rwanda. Rwanda Handbook of Economic and Social Policy, Chapter 13, Vol. 1, Pages 397- 419, Jönköping International Business School, January 2018.
  • Ruranga, C. and Mutabazi, A. (2015). Food Prices Transmission in Rwanda: Econometric Analysis. Rwanda Journal, Series B: Social Sciences (ISSN 2305-2678 (Print); ISSN 2305-5944), 2 (1):019-029. DOI:
  • Ruranga, C., Ocaya, B. and Kaberuka, W. (2014). VAR Analysis of Economic Growth, Domestic Investment, Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Savings and Trade in Rwanda. Greener Journal of Economics and Accountancy (ISSN: 2276-7762), 3 (2): 030-041; July 2014.
  • Ruranga, C., Ocaya, B. and Kaberuka, W. (2014). Analysis of Rwandan Economic Performance Before and After the 1994 Genocide. African Journal of Economic Review (ISSN 1821-8148), 2(2): 001-018; July 2014.
  • Ocaya, B., Ruranga, C. and Kaberuka, W. (2013). Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Rwanda: A Time Series Analysis, Journal of Business Management and Corporate Affairs (ISSN 2354-3469), 2(1): 11-18; January 2013.
  • Ocaya, B., Ruranga, C. and Kaberuka, W. (2012). Dynamic Relationship between Gross Domestic Product and Domestic Investment in Rwanda, World Journal of Education (ISSN 1925-0746(Print), ISSN 1925-0754(Online)), 2(6): 79-90. December 2012.
  • Ruranga, C. (2011). Analyse des déterminants de l’épargne nationale du Rwanda. African Union Commission (AUC), Proceedings of the Second Congress of African Economists, ISSN number: 1993-6177, Vol. 1: 17-35, November 2011.

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Administrative positions

  • January 2017 – current: Director African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS), CBE, UR
  • June 2015 – August 2017: Head of Department of Applied Statistics, CBE, UR
  • November 4th, 2008 – July 2011: Vice-Dean for Administration and Finance, Faculty of Economics and Management, NUR.
  • 30th June 2009 – 30th June 2010: Project Manager of NPT/RWA/053 project. Cooperation between NUFFIC, Netherlands and NUR
  • March - December 2002: Regional Representative of « Union des Banques Populaires du Rwanda » in Ruhengeri province


  • Ruranga, C. (2014). Measurement and Mapping of Non-Monetary Poverty, National data analyst, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) [Rwanda], Fourth Rwanda Population and Housing Census 2012. January 2014.
  • June-August 2013: Food price transmission analysis in Rwanda, National University of Rwanda (NUR) – Food Price Trends Project, funded by The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA), August 2013.
  • January – May 2011: Elaboration and presentation of “the Public Sector Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS 2011-2013”, Mifotra, UPSLS, June 2011.
  • 8th -12th November 2010: SPSS for statistical analysis training for RALGA (Rwandese Association of Local Government Authorities) staff.
  • January – December 2010: Employer and Graduate Survey. Final report gives the information on the socio-demographic data of graduates and their families, course of study at the university, transition from university to employment (including period of unemployment), current employment status and further training/education undertaken since graduation, employers impression on the quality and scope of targeted NUR graduates training, and extent of employers existing relationships with NUR.
  • January- September 2009: Participation in Consultancy of Commission Nationale de Lutte contre le SIDA sur « Etude sur les Priorités Locales pour les Efforts de Lutte Contre le SIDA (PLACE) : Cas des Cinq Zones Agricoles au Rwanda ». Task: protocol preparation, visit of field, supervision of data collection in Eastern province, data analysis, report writing.