Computer Systems And BigData Analytics

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Computer systems and Big Data Analytics
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Module Content
  • Comparison and contrast of small data with big data
  • The Brewing Trends and Transformations in the IT Landscap
  • The High-Performance Technologies for Big and Fast Data Analytics
  • Big and Fast Data Analytics Yearning for High-Performance Computing
  • Network Infrastructure for High-Performance Big Data Analytics
  • Storage Infrastructures for High-Performance Big Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics Using High-Performance Computing
  • In-Database Processing and In-Memory Analytics
  • High-Performance Integrated Systems, Databases, and Warehouses for Big and Fast Data Analytics
  • High-Performance Grids and Clusters
  • High-Performance Peer-to-Peer Systems
  • Visualization Dimensions for High- Performance Big Data Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics for Organization Empowerment
  • Big Data Analytics for Healthcare
  • Scaling up and out parallelism
  • Locality and data representation, concurrency, distributed databases and systems, performance analysis and understanding.
  • Exploring of existing and emerging data science platforms, including map-reduce and graph analytics systems.
  • Interactive Data Analysis with Spark Shell
  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics principles and challenges
  • Types of big data: Customer data, transaction data, external data, social media data.
  • Data mining techniques and tools for Large Data Set
  • Data storage methods and how to upload, distribute, and process them, HDFS, HBase, KV stores, document database, and graph database.
  • visualization issues and mobile issues on Big Data Analytics,
  • Future challenges of Big Data