Migration, Urbanization and Service Provisions

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Migration, Urbanization and Service Provisions
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Module Content

Dominant Theories

Micro-level or the individual triggers, resources, values and expectancies.

Meso-level or the collectives and social networks.

Macro-level opportunity structures: The political-economic-cultural-ecological structures on the level of nation-states, the country of origin and country of destination.

Diaspora and international migrations

Kin state and migrant-sending state Diaspora politics

Labor migration and remittances and donors’ engagement with diaspora (migration-development nexus)

Transnational migrant networks

Engagement in countries of origins

Second-generation ‘returnees’

Instrumentalizing diasporas for development

Political theory questions about transnationalism and Diaspora

Conflict and migration, and Migration management

Recent trends and patterns of conflict related migration

Gender, conflict and migration

Conflict–related migration and remittances

Conflict, migration and demographic outcomes

Post-conflict return migration and development

Regulatory framework of migration

Drivers of rural-urban migration

Push and pull factors of rural-urban migration

Selectivity in rural-urban migration (gender, education, age, ...)

Rural-urban migration and fertility change

Informal labor and housing markets

Critical role of informal market in migrant labour and housing

Informal economy: opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment, exploitation of migrant labour

Informal settlement/slums: affordability, housing quality, ownership

Managing urban growth

Land use and transportation planning

Policy challenges of urban growth: social cohesion, public safety, etc.

Service provision

Demand for public services (schools, health facilities, water, electricity, sanitation, waste management, etc…)

Level of services and willingness to pay

Population thresholds

Structure of provision

Divergent models of government service provision (public-private mix)

Public services provision in a decentralised context

Service provision assessment (SPA)