Population And Development Theories And Policies

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Population and Development: Theories and Policies
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Module Content

Unit 1: Population theories

  • An overview of the concepts of demography and population studies
  • World population distribution, Population Trends, Structures and Characteristics
  • Demographic Theories and Perspectives
  • The Demographic Transition and population structure change
  • Malthusian and anti-Malthusian perspectives on the basic relationships linking population growth and economic growth.

Unit 2: Population growth and development

  • Socioeconomic, and environmental related issues from population growth: Environment, economy, employment, health Inequality, Food, Income
  • Gender equality, and women’s status in the context of population and Development
  • Population structure change and Demographic dividend

Unit 3: Population policies

  • Overview of economic, social, and political implications of rapid population growth.
  • Population Policies in developing countries including reproductive health
  • Population policies in developed countries
  • Analyze and evaluation of family planning and Reproductive Health policies and programs in Africa and Rwanda
  • Country specific cases studies.