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Computer Systems and Big Data Analytics


  1. Comparison and contrast of small data with big data 
  2. The Brewing Trends and Transformations in the IT Landscap 
  3. The High-Performance Technologies for Big and Fast Data Analytics 
  4. Big and Fast Data Analytics Yearning for High-Performance Computing  
  5. Network Infrastructure for High-Performance Big Data Analytics 
  6. Storage Infrastructures for High-Performance Big Data Analytics 
  7. Real-Time Analytics Using High-Performance Computing 
  8. In-Database Processing and In-Memory Analytics 
  9. High-Performance Integrated Systems, Databases, and Warehouses for Big and Fast Data Analytics 
  10. High-Performance Grids and Clusters 
  11. High-Performance Peer-to-Peer Systems 
  12. Visualization Dimensions for High- Performance Big Data Analytics 
  13. Social Media Analytics for Organization Empowerment 
  14. Big Data Analytics for Healthcare 
  15. Scaling up and out parallelism  
  16. Locality and data representation, concurrency, distributed databases and systems, performance analysis and understanding.  
  17. Exploring of existing and emerging data science platforms, including map-reduce and graph analytics systems.  
  18. Interactive Data Analysis with Spark Shell 
  19. Introduction to Big Data Analytics principles and challenges 
  20. Types of big data: Customer data, transaction data, external data, social media data. 
  21. Data mining techniques and tools for Large Data Set  
  22. Data storage methods and how to upload, distribute, and process them, HDFS, HBase, KV stores, document database, and graph database. 
  23. visualization issues and mobile issues on Big Data Analytics,  
  24. Future challenges of Big Data