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PhD in Data Science

PhD Research

The academic excellence of our Ph.D. students makes a profound impact on the thoughts and actions of business leaders and therefore sought after at leading business schools, universities and other research institutions.



 Data Science Research at the University of Rwanda focuses on large-scale data management, data mining and data analysis using technologies from database management Systems (DBMS’s), Statistical Machine Learning (SML), and Information Visualization. Such research in a Big Data era is called Data Science, which is a profession and a research agenda.

The goal of Data Science research is to build systems and algorithms to extract knowledge, find patterns, generate insights and predictions from diverse data for various applications and visualization.

The research challenges in Data Science research include: Terabytes, even petabytes of data are generated each day; Almost every discipline is facing big data analysis problems, including medical sciences, life sciences, bio-statistics,Economics and finance,.... Data comes in different forms, such as free text, structured data, audio/video, images; Analysis tasks performed over the data are becoming more and more sophisticated; High performance computing platforms are advancing fast (e.g., cloud computing, multi-core machines, GPU, mobile-computing); Communication and feedback needs to be established between machine, algorithms and people.