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Sinior Big Data Engineer

SBDE™ can open new avenues and get you access to high-growth and high-challenge leadership job roles in Data Science

Why Young Leaders Choose SBDE™ Certification

An SBDE™ certification is the easiest way to:

  • Prove your readiness for leadership roles

    1 out of 4 Data Science certified professionals are leading data science projects

  • Prove your capability to handle challenging assignments

    DASCA’s rigorous vetting sets you apart from the crowd as a leader and proves your capability to handle challenging assignments

  • Grab better salary packages

    DASCA-certified candidates earn 15%-20% higher salaries

  • Win global recognition

    DASCA-certified candidates are sought by global employers

    DASCA validates candidates in 60+industry–critical knowledge vectors

  • Get access to the best Big Data Jobs

    15 million data science professionals are needed by the end of 2022

    DASCA’s SBDE™ certification blasts your online visibility and sets you apart from other applicants

  • Get latest in-demand and vendor-neutral skills

    3rd-party vendor-neutral and cross-platform qualification

  • Get access to world-class resources

    Exam across 183+ countries

    Exam preparation material in printed and online mode

  • Learn while you work

    Self-paced learning spread over 10-12 hrs/week for 6 months.

    Digitally proctored exam

  • Get a strong grip on Data Science fundamentals

    DASCA’S proprietary Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™) helps in developing a penetrative Big Data perspective among future leaders


What you’ll get

  • A digital badge to highlight on your social profiles
  • Online access to world-class learning and exam preparation resources
  • Printed SBDE™ Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Engineering
  • Printed SBDE™ Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • Credential kit containing printed certificate, lapel pin and Code of Ethics booklet

Who can apply

For Industry Professionals

Entry Track Education qualification Experience
Track 1 Bachelor's Degree
Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines.
2 years or more
Experience in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language
Track 2 Master's Degree
Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines.
1 years or more
Experience in using Python/ JAVA or any other programming language

For Students of The African Centre of Excellence in Data Science

Level Majors Ideal Stage of Attaining the Certification
Master's and Ph.Ds Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Related disciplines In the first term

Exam Coverage

Data Science
Understanding How to Tap The Big Power of Big Data


Learning Big Data Processing Using the Hadoop Ecosystem


Python & Hadoop 3
Big Data Analytics with Python & Hadoop


R & Hadoop
Building Data Analytics Applications


ML and AI
How Big Data Analytics Fires Up Machine Intelligence


Learning High-Volume Streaming Data Storage


Learning Data Stream App Development


Spark, Scala & Flink
Stream & Batch Data Processing & Analytics


Hadoop 3 Deployment
Enterprise Search, Cloud and Cluster


Earn Your Certificate

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The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) creates and disseminates leading-edge and vendor-neutral Data Science knowledge frameworks and standards. It certifies individuals entering or working in the wide spectrum of global Data Science professions. DASCA-certified professionals are highly sought-after by leading employers and are regarded as the world's best-bred Data Science professionals.

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