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Mr. Nzaramyimana Charles

Mr. Nzaramyimana Charles: Admin Post Graduate Studies and Research at ACE-DS. He is a self-motivated and devoted worker with African multi-cultural background especially in the Great Lake Region (DRC, Rwanda and Burundi) and Est African Multicultural environment. Perfectionist and result-oriented with a humanistic attitude, Mr. Nzaramyimana is a quality education advocate and passionate gender sensitive person who has abilities in conflict resolutions and project Management. Familiar to Rwandan Higher Education environment, Mr Charles Nzaramyimana is aware of Rwandan Higher Education standards and has been trained nationally and regionally to academic quality assurance. Mr Charles Nzaramyimana has ability to work independently and with others. He has leadership skills in planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation as he occupied leadership positions while working with CARITAS Congo and UNFPA in their 3C project intervening on Community Resilience to prevent SGBV. Mr Nzaramyimana worked with The Global Hope Project from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in its Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation in Rwanda. He holds a Master of Education from the University of Eastern Africa Baraton (Kenya) which is a well-known University in Kenya for its research orientations and a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Rwanda.