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Survey Sampling Methods

  1. Introduction to survey methodology: need for survey sampling, terminology, notation, estimation strategy, survey errors, probability sampling and non-probability sampling; 
  2. Inference and error in surveys;  
  3. Target populations, sampling frames and coverage error;  
  4. Sampling techniques: simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, multi-stage sampling, unequal probability sampling; 
  5. Basic inference for survey data: bias of estimators, inclusion probabilities, standard errors, finite population correction, variance estimation, confidence intervals, proportions, domains, ratio estimation, Horvitz-Thompson estimator, design based inference, 
  6. Specific topics in survey sampling: double sampling procedures, randomized response models, small area estimation, resampling methods (Bootstrap, Jackknife, etc.)
  7. Analysis of survey data and illustration with statistical software.