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Elders from Rwanda Advisory Forum urge UR to materialize research findings

Members of the Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum have commended the research and innovations that the University of Rwanda staff are producing, demanding that more effort be put in to materialize their research findings for actual community benefit. 

The call was made on Thursday 12th December 2022, while the REAF members visited the UR African Centre of Excellence in Data Science. They were on a mission to acquaint themselves with the University’s contribution towards national development, particularly in the area of data science, focusing on its specific role.

This is one in a series of fact-finding visits to different public institutions to fully understand their role in helping Rwanda itself strategically on the fourth industrial revolution map 

After getting briefed on different innovative academic and research activities being undertaken by UR researchers and students, REAF members appreciated what they saw and heard, advising the University to scale up the effort in making results known to the wider public. “I can see you are doing great things but the public is not aware of most. There is a need for more publicity for visibility”, noted Hon. Tito Rutaremara, the Chairman of the Forum.

On UR structure, the elders commended the institution’s new look, saying it is more aligned with standards of other international academic organizations. They however observed that there are some almost similar programs scattered across different colleges which could be merged and taught from one place. 

Further on a positive note, REAF members were impressed by innovations in data science that have direct impact on society which should not be taken for granted. “You are developing great innovations. Please make sure they are registered for protection purposes to ensure they will forever remain our own properties”, emphasized Hon. Abdulkarim Hareriminana. His fear was that one day these innovations might be stolen by some scrupulous people, yet they are UR property. 

Members of the forum concluded their visit by touring the Centre facilities.