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Advanced Database Technology
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Module Content

Parallel and distributed databases

Principles and applications of database technology-Normalization Techniques -Database System Architectures-Centralized and Client-Server Architectures – Server System Architectures – Parallel Systems- Distributed Systems – Parallel Databases: I/O Parallelism – Inter and Intra Query Parallelism – Inter and Intra operation Parallelism – Distributed Database Concepts – Distributed Data Storage – Distributed Transactions – Commit Protocols – Concurrency Control – Distributed Query Processing – Three Tier Client Server Architecture- Case Studies.

Object and object relational databases

Introduction to Object Oriented Data Bases - Approaches - Modeling and Design
-Persistence – Query Languages-Transaction– Multi Version Locks –
Recovery – POSTGRES – JASMINE –GEMSTONE - ODMG Model- Concepts for Object Databases: Object Identity – Object structure – Type Constructors – Encapsulation of Operations – Methods – Persistence – Type and Class Hierarchies – Inheritance – Complex Objects – Object Database Standards,  , Temporal database , Languages and Design: ODMG Model – ODL – OQL – Object Relational and Extended – Relational Systems : Object Relational features in SQL / Oracle – Case Studies- Enhanced Data Models - Client/Server Model - Data Warehousing and Data Mining -
Web Databases – Mobile Databases- XML and Web Databases

XML databases

 XML Databases: XML Data Model – DTD – XML Schema – XML Querying – Web Databases – JDBC – Information Retrieval – Data Warehousing – Data Mining.

Mobile databases

 Mobile Databases: Location and Handoff Management – Effect of Mobility on Data Management – Location Dependent Data Distribution – Mobile Transaction Models – Concurrency Control – Transaction Commit Protocols- Mobile Database Recovery Schemes.

Intelligent databases

Rules- Active databases – Deductive Databases – Knowledge bases-Multimedia Query languages - Spatial Databases – Multimedia Databases- Multidimensional Data Structures – Image Databases – Text/Document Databases- Video Databases – Audio Databases – Multimedia Database Design.

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