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Fifteen innovators pitched their innovative ideas for incubation at the Data Driven Incubation Hub

Fifteen young innovators with innovative ideas and prototypes in the fields of Agriculture, Health and Climate pitched to a panel of experts in the field.  All these ideas use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve problems facing the community in those selected priority areas. This pitching event took place on 22nd August, 2023. The main purpose of this event was to allow the innovators to get comments and inputs from experts in those domains to finetune their ideas before they are incubated.

During the pitching workshop, innovators pitched their ideas infront of experts in these fields for the experts to give them comments on how to improve their ideas before they can be incubated at the Data-Driven Incubation Hub at African Center of Excellence in Data Science.

“After pitching, the most promising projects will be incubated for six months getting coaching and mentorship from experts in their fields till the project becomes a viable product that can be commercialized.”, said Dr. Jennifer Batamuliza, the Head of Data Driven Incubation Hub.

During the six months’ incubation period, the selected incubatees will be provided with different trainings that will lead them from ideation to commercialization stage. The incubatees will be provided with mentors who will support and train them, demo days will be organized for the incubatees, pitching to potential investors, building networks for entrepreneurs, innovation week to showcase ideas to industries and funders, how to brand their products, how to design and develop their solutions and train them about intellectual property among other skills.


Data Driven Incubation Hub (DDIH) was established in 2022 at the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science with an aim of transforming ideas into real-world solutions turning brilliant ideas from conceptions to commercialization and connecting created data-driven solutions to the industry/institutions for informed decision-making.