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Faculty staff, students complete training on Grant Proposal writing

PhD, Masters and some faculty staff have, on 30th June 2023, completed a five-day training on grant proposal writing to equip them with skills on how to write a winning grant proposal as one of the core activities in the academic research journey.

This training was organized by the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science and was facilitated by Prof. John Ngubiri from Makelele University.

During the training, participants were equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the grant writing process, including the different sections and components of a grant proposal.

This was an opportunity to develop the ability to identify suitable funding opportunities for a research and insights into various grant databases, funding agencies, and resources to help you locate potential funding sources relevant to your field of study.

Participants to this training have appreciated the skills they got. Pacifique Ufitinema, a master’s student at the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science is one of the participants. She said this was a valuable opportunity as it contained valuable skills and benefits for academics pursuing a master's degree.

 “The skills gained from this week-long training on Grant Proposal Writing will enhance my ability to secure funding for my research projects, increase my chances of academic success, and develop critical skills applicable to various stages of my career”

Throughout the training, participants learnt how to articulate research goals, significance, and potential impact in a compelling manner. In addition to this, it has been an opportunity to gain insights into tailoring your proposals to meet the specific requirements and priorities of funding agencies.

During the training, emphasis was put on the importance of planning and managing the research effectively and create a detailed research plan, set realistic objectives and timelines, allocate resources efficiently, and demonstrate the feasibility of the project.

Prof. Charles Ruranga, the Centre Director believes that such trainings are beneficial to not only students who are supposed to write grant proposals but also to academicians to shape their existing skills in this field. He promised that such trainings will keep on be organized.