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Associate Big Data Engineer

DASCA’s ABDE™ certification can be your big-ticket to global opportunities as it functions as a destination magnet for global employers, who are on a big hunt for young Big Data Engineers.

Why High Achieving Tech Graduates Choose ABDE™ Certification

An ABDE™ certification can:

  • Get better salary packages

    DASCA-certified candidates earn 15%-20% higher salaries

  • Get access to the best Big Data Engineering Jobs

    15 million data science professionals are needed by the end of 2022

    DASCA’s ABDE™ certification blasts your online visibility and sets you apart from other applicants

  • Win global recognition

    DASCA-certified candidates are sought by global employers

    DASCA validates candidates in 60+industry–critical knowledge vectors

  • Get the latest in-demand and vendor-neutral skills

    3rd-party vendor-neutral and cross-platform qualification

  • Prepares you for leadership roles

    1 out of 4 Data Science certified professionals are leading data science projects

  • Prove your capability to handle challenging assignments

    DASCA’s rigorous vetting sets you apart from the crowd and proves your capability to handle challenging assignments

  • Get access to the latest world-class resources

    Exam across 183+ countries

    Exam preparation material in printed and online mode

  • Get a strong grip on Data Science fundamentalsp

    DASCA’s proprietary Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™) helps in developing a penetrative Big Data perspective among future leaders


What you’ll get

  • A digital badge to highlight on your social profiles
  • Online access to world-class learning and exam preparation resources
  • Printed ABDE™ Handbook 1: Foundations of Big Data Engineering
  • Printed ABDE™ Handbook 2: Advanced Big Data Engineering
  • Credential kit containing printed certificate, lapel pin and Code of Ethics booklet

Who can apply

To apply for ABDE™, you will need a strong grasp of programming concepts, tools and techniques of object-oriented programming and knowledge of core Java and SQL statements.

For Industry Professionals

Entry Track Education qualification Experience
Track 1 Bachelor's Degree
Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines
Experience not mandatory
Basic knowledge of Python/ JAVA or any other programming language is desirable
Track 2 Associate Degree/ Diploma
Computer Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Related disciplines.
2 years or more
Knowledge of Python/ JAVA or any other programming language

For Students of The African Centre of Excellence in Data Science

Level Majors Ideal Stage of Attaining the Certification
Bachelor's Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management/ Related disciplines In the first year of the program

Exam Coverage

Data Science
Understanding How to Tap The Big Power of Big Data


Learning Big Data Processing Using the Hadoop Ecosystem


Python & Hadoop 3
Big Data Analytics with Python & Hadoop


R & Hadoop
Building Data Analytics Applications


ML and AI
How Big Data Analytics Fires Up Machine Intelligence


Learning High-Volume Streaming Data Storage


Learning Data Stream App Development


Spark, Scala & Flink
Stream & Batch Data Processing & Analytics


Hadoop 3 Deployment
Enterprise Search, Cloud and Cluster


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The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) creates and disseminates leading-edge and vendor-neutral Data Science knowledge frameworks and standards. It certifies individuals entering or working in the wide spectrum of global Data Science professions. DASCA-certified professionals are highly sought-after by leading employers and are regarded as the world's best-bred Data Science professionals.

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